Standards! Why you should learn from Gordon Ramsay.

Your work, the things you do, the things you make, are all a reflection of you. Thus you will only ever be as good as the last thing you do. As Apples Tim Cook said, “It’s about finding your values, and committing to them. It’s about finding your North Star. It’s about making choices. Some are easy. Some are hard. And some will make you question everything.”

The Kardashian Sisters. What's the point?

None of them sing, dance, or have any talents at all for that matter! Everyone knows them, but no-one is ever exactly sure what they do. But wait, they’ve built a business empire — with revenue coming not just from their tv show, but also fashion and makeup lines, mobile apps, games, and endorsements. Kim Kardashian's net worth is $85 million, she made $52.5 million last year alone! This family has stretched fifteen minutes of fame into nearly a decade, and have figured out how to monetize their every move.

Careful Jason. James is holding a. Martini?

Jason Bourne and James Bond have more in common than the same initials. Both characters act as responses to their authors experiences of war. Sir Ian Fleming created Bond as a collection of all the ''secret agent commando types'' he met during his time in the Naval Intelligence Division in WWII. And Robert Ludlum, a US Marine before becoming a writer, conflated his experiences in the forces with the tension of The Cold War (and conspiracy theories) to create Bourne.

You need to know about "Brain Ovulation".

You may have an idea for a business. Or an idea that will revolutionize the 60-year-old processes of that old school company you work for. Whatever it is you want to get done, you have to know when your brain will be in the best shape to think about it. And once you know when your brain is most likely to ovulate, you'll be closer to seeing those life-changing eggs hatch.

Why you should NOT listen to people.

The 0.01% of people who you should listen to are people who inspire you. People you would like to be, people who have done things you dream of doing, people who are experts in your profession, people who come from a similar place as yourself and are where you want to be. Those are the only people who you need to be listening to. As far as the rest go, IGNORE them, their advice (opinion) is worthless to you...

The right workspace for "Success".

We need to break this stereotype of what a "work day" looks like. Today you can be running a lucrative business while sitting on a beach or sofa. There is not a designated location to do great work, great work happens when you are inspired and in the right frame of mind. Also, we all work at our own pace, and focus at different times of the day.

Why is it so weird seeing teachers on Facebook?

They actually have lives outside of the classroom, or care about things other than having your tie done up properly, or it being your last verbal warning, or why you're chewing gum, or selling sweets and Lucozade in class, or wearing those black Court Traditions, or why there may be rotting cheese in their drawer. It means they breathe the same air and probably eat food and don't just feast off the misfortune of their pupils.