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The right workspace for "Success".

The right workspace for "Success".

I have this friend, (let's call him Kevin). He works for a very corporate company. But he is trying to hire a designer. This is what went wrong...

Kevin has not been able to find a designer who wants to work for him. Yet Kevin is offering a higher salary than your average designer would make at an ad agency. So why is it that no one wants to work for Kevin?

The answer lies in a conversation Kevin had with a designer, it went like this...

Kevin: "Would you like to work for me?"

Designer: "Thanks, but no thanks, I am very happy at my current job (a creative ad agency)"

Kevin: "But I can pay you more."

Designer: "It's not about the money, I love where I work, and do not want to give that up to be in a corporate workspace."

Kevin: "You are mad, if I were you I would take the money and get over myself."

Kevin later said to me, "Bro I can't understand these creative idiots." "They would rather be at a creative company that have flexible hours, free cupcakes, and table tennis, than come and work for me and get paid more."

Well Kevin, there is a lot more to it than that. People are reflections of their environments, and need the right environment in order to survive and thrive. We all know what happens if you take a goldfish out of its bowl, it dies!

The same applies to people, depending on what they do and who they are they need to exist in a specific environment in order to function.

A corporate lawyer working from a beach is as incompatible as an artist working at a bank.

Your true potential can only come out when you are:

A) doing something that you are passionate about; and

B) doing that something in a workspace that encourages and facilitates you to work at your peak.

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Keeping with the example of the creative designer, the layout and culture of a creative company might seem very odd to some people. However for a creative person having simple things like, flexible hours, free cupcakes at work, comfy sofas, and table tennis, can make all the difference to the work we produce.

People like Kevin look at the culture of a creative workspace as a joke. This is because they know no better, they are still under the traditional belief that you are not actually working hard, unless you are sitting at the same desk from exactly 9am to 5pm.

We need to break this stereotype of what a "work day" looks like. Today you can be running a lucrative business while sitting on a beach or sofa. There is not a designated location to do great work, great work happens when you are inspired and in the right frame of mind. Also, we all work at our own pace, and focus at different times of the day.

Maybe RiRi was wrong, and work work work isn't the only thing we should be doing with our week. Maybe, just maybe, you would be better off doing something you love.

You need to allow yourself to be yourself, find what you love and do it because that is what want to do.

Let the consequence of doing the things you love be money, not the incentive. If you love waking up at 6am and working in a corporate environment then stick to that. If you dread getting out of bed in the morning and hate the thought of being at the office, then it's time to reconsider your life.

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