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Why so serious?

Why so serious?

Why do we always over complicate things?


Honestly what is the long term point of being in a constant state of stress, panic, and freaking the fuck outness.

For anyone who is currently experiencing any of the above, lets take a moment to think about this critically.

What ever you are currently going through I am fairly confident that this is not the first time you have ever been "stressed" in life. And I am also sure as shit it won't be the last. One thing that is a given is the fact that one day you will look back at now, and forget what the big deal ever was.

What is the point of being stressed, and panicking, what is the point of working yourself up about everything. Don't you ever just wish that you could throw your hand up in air (like you just don't care 😆) and say fuck it. 

Also what is it with people who just look and act so god dam serious all the time. You know who I am talking about, that "prim" and "proper" douche bag who is always condescending, never wants to do anything fun, and judges you on your every move you make (we all know at least one of them). Are they that insecure with themselves that they can't just let go and act like a human once in a while.

For us real people "stress" is brought on by the people in our lives who fit the above description, (condescending douche bags).


They are the little evil birds sitting on your shoulder trying to put you in a permeant state of panic and fear. The people who say, "you can't do that", "get a real job", "that won't work", "enough", "oh that is not right", "panic", and the typical "I won't do that".

Fuck them all, they are all just negative energy, and your only chance of happiness is to weed them out of your life at all expense. If that means packing up and moving to a new country, then so be it. The future you will thank you one day.

Progression: Don't fight it! (Embrace it).

Progression: Don't fight it! (Embrace it).