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Why you should NOT listen to people.

Why you should NOT listen to people.

Once upon a time someone gave me some advice. I didn't listen to them!

The problem with advice, is often it is not advice at all. Most of the time those things people offer as "advice" are actually just their opinions. Opinions are like arseholes, everyone has one. And why would you listen to the advice of an arsehole? Hardly a valuable source of wisdom to help better your life.

Unfortunately everyone has an opinion about everything. And as always everyone seems to think that they are an expert in your life. Your friends your family even your co workers always seem to know better and are never scared to tell you about it.

They "know" where you should live.

They "know" what job should do.

They "know" what religion you should follow.

They "know" who you should marry.

And they even "know" what you should eat.

Sadly the thing most of them don't know, is YOU. They don't understand how you think, what your reasoning is, what you truly want from life, and most importantly how you feel about things.

So should I stop listening to everyone?

No! You should only stop listening to 99.99% of people.

The 0.01% of people who you should listen to are people who inspire you. People you would like to be, people who have done things you dream of doing, people who are experts in your profession, people who come from a similar place as yourself and are where you want to be. Those are the only people who you need to be listening to. As far as the rest go, IGNORE them, their advice (opinion) is worthless to you...

You are an individual, the people with the best wisdom about your life is you. Trust your yourself, follow your gut and pressure your dreams. Ignore those around you, as their only advice will be to tell you why you can't do something or why you should do something else. Don't blame them for this, they mean no harm by it. It is all that they know, as they have not lived your life, they are not in your head, they don't understand you, they are not you.

YOU are the only authority on the subject of YOU. Pursue wisdom and inspiration by seeking out the people who inspire you, the people you dream of being like. Listen to what they have to say but do NOT take it all to heart, as they too are NOT you.

Now that I think about it, you shouldn't even be listening to me!

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