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Why NOT knowing yourself holds you back.

Why NOT knowing yourself holds you back.

We all want to be better, we want better jobs, better homes, and better cars.

Yet it is unlikely that you actually know what it is you truly want. Sadly most people's idea of what they want is not their idea at all. Your wants are often based on what you think you should want to want.

It’s almost like the scenario in a movie where an unsuspecting man ends up visiting an art gallery with the girl he is trying to impress. When asked his opinion on the art, he coincidently agrees with every thing she has said, and like all the works she likes (when in reality he hates everything in the place). He is simply shaping his views on hers, because he sees her opinion as the correct one, to gain her approval.

How can you expect to pursue and craft your life the way you want it, if you don’t even know how you want it?

To quote Steve Jobs

Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.

We need to take every thing we think we know about ourselves and complete break it down. Think about things, take a deep look at yourself. For example:

Why do you like football? Is it because you truly love the game? Or does the fact that all of your friends like it and watch it every weekend, have something to do with your fandom?

Are you in your job because it is your dream job and you love what you do? Or might it be that you simply need the money and and believe having this job is the sensible / responsible thing to do?

Isn't it funny that 80% of men's "favourite" drink is beer and "favourite" foods are burgers and pizzas? Could the fact that many men look down on their mates for ordering a salad and glass of white wine, maybe have something to do with it?

Or do you wear that depressing grey suit every day because you truly want to? Or is it because you want to look professional? And are you also under the delusion that you will be taken more seriously by blending in and hiding whatever personality you have under that Tom Ford three piece?

Our society has done a great job of building this vision of "normal". We are taught our whole life how to fit into it. We are told to find a good job, put our heads down, get married, have 2 children, go on holiday once a year, buy a reasonably priced house, save a bit of money, retire, play bingo, and then die. We are taught against shaking the box, discouraged from not following the crowd. Discouraged from thinking we can be more or do more.

It is all a load of B$£@ S!@$!

It is your life, thus I say do what every the fuck YOU want. If that happens to be what you currently doing then good on you. If not its time to go back to the drawing board. It's time to start working on project you. And the first step in re building you is to understand you (the real you, not you with your "fit-in" cloak on)

Self is a journey that has no finite destination. You can keep learning new things about yourself every day until the day you die. Re-learning and un-learning are beautiful tools, they help to free you from ignorance and allow you to be open to new adventures and possibilities. And as always, with new possibilities comes new opportunities.

man in art gallery
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