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Why NOT giving a fuck is the secret to life.

Why NOT giving a fuck is the secret to life.

This is why you should not give a fuck.

Naturally one would think that not giving a fuck is an easy thing to do, when in reality... It's really fucking hard.

It's easy to say you don't and pretend you don't. However the hard part is to actually, honestly, REALLY not give a fuck.

Now why shouldn't you give a fuck?

First off, think about what there is to gain from giving a fuck. Most of the time the reason why we give a fuck is to earn the approval of others, adhering to the status quo, for acceptance, complying with what others deem to be "normal". The list goes on.

Most of the reasons we actually tend to give a fuck boils down to wanting to make others happy. Giving a fuck hardly ever contributes to your own benefit.

If you enjoy living life by moulding into the "norms" of society then good on you.

For those of you who want more, want to have an amazing life, drive fast cars, travel in private jets, buy houses on every continent, sleep with models, do what ever you want and actually make the most out of your limited existence, please stop giving a fuck.

Potential is nothing without doing. Be a closer, be a maker, be a doer.

Not a follower, not a some dayer, not a maybe-r, not an 'it's the wrong time-r'.

"Everything around you, everything you accept as normal was all made by people who were no better or smarter than you are now."  Said the late Steve Jobs.

Let go, stop believing you are not that guy. You are who ever you want to be. Despite what people have told you your whole life, you can do anything you want. Success does not come to those who are smarter or luckier, it comes to those with the most ambition and biggest balls. Those who know what they want, and are determined to get it. But most importantly give zero fucks about what anyone else thinks.

Giving a fuck holds you back, it slows you down it narrows your mind and limits life's potential.

So please stop giving a fuck.

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