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Why "lying" is the foundation of modern life.

Why "lying" is the foundation of modern life.

Don't even try to convince yourself you have never told a little white lie.

We all do it, all day, in some capacity. Despite how honest and loyal you have convinced the world you are. If you have watched Ricky Gervais's "The Invention of Lying", you will understand the impossibility of living in a world where lying does not exist.

Imagine if everything that was ever created said or did, was based on only doing things that are true.

There would be no such thing as novels, cinema or art.

Your best friend who dropped out of high school wouldn't have that top job at Facebook.

Marketing would not be an industry.

Even deep set cultural norms like religion, would be non-existent. (Oops)

There is no question that the world would be a very different place if lying didn't exist.

But would it be a better place? Probably not!

I for one would not have a career seeing as I am a marketer and storyteller.

Although job hunting would definitely be easier.

There would definitely be fewer wars and violence around the world.

Fewer people in developing countries would starve to death, as those dictators who lead them would have to actually distribute international aid to the people who need it, as opposed to taking a private jet to London once a week to do grocery shopping at Harrods! (Cough cough, Robert Mugabe.)

However in reality none of the above would be relevant as the world's population would have committed suicide, as a result of the depression and lack of self-worth, that would come with world free of lies.

Mmmmm, grim...

Ok back to business, lying is fundamentally bad, but sadly living in a world that is over run by lies in every direction you look, we are left in a situation that makes lying every seasons must-have.

Be it;

Telling your partner she is a fantastic cook,

To telling a child that a fat old man in a red coat will bring you gifts if you are good,

To, saving a life by telling someone everything is going to be ok.

We all lie, it's not our fault, we know no better. Lying like most human functions is a survival tool that has been developed over thousand of years of evolution. Every thing we know and have come to accept has been built on lies to some extent. Lying is the very foundation of modern life.

Personally the one reason that makes me like the art of  lying,  is that fact that, I could not imagine my life without films, stories, fantasies, and art.

Let's all just get Naked!

Let's all just get Naked!

Careful Jason. James is holding a. Martini?

Careful Jason. James is holding a. Martini?