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Doing the things you hate will save your life.

Doing the things you hate will save your life.

Somebody once told me I only like doing the things I'm good at. 

And she was right. I did only like doing the things I'm good at. Pretty normal though, I mean you're not going to find Wayne Rooney on QI are you? No. Wayne doesn't want to wrangle with stupidly clever people over things he definitely does not care about. Or understands. But, you wouldn't begrudge him if he did go on it. You'd probably laugh it off, become shocked at the reality, then applaud the fact that he is trying to broaden his horizons. It would change a whole nations opinion on him. From the prostitute loving lagerlout to the budding intellectual, seeking enlightenment at a time in his career when the fire flickers more often than it burns.

We all hate different things.

You might hate running.

You might hate maths.

You might hate talking to people.

And every reason you have to hate things is justified. It is your own personal truth and nobody else's. Hate isn't just a feeling of rage, distaste, anger at somebody or a past injustice. Hate can be, and usually is, fear. Fear of ones own weaknesses. Embarrassment. Shortcomings. Fear of the unknown. And of course sometimes it really is as simple as hating dogs because one bit you on the arse.


Doing more of the things you hate will save your life and here's why.

Those things represent discomfort. They are the things furthest away from your consciousness. Things you pack so far away you'll have to go on a quest similar to Matthew McConnaughey's in Interstellar to bring back.

The less time you spend doing what you know, the better you become. You are developing skills and elements of yourself that have been allowed to lie dormant and gather dust. Doing these things will see you become more well rounded. And more prepared for the unknown. The more you test yourself, the more of yourself you will uncover.

There's no gun to your face.

Or blade at your neck.

You are in no imminent danger.

But the threat of living a life without fully knowing oneself is the most dangerous of them all.

Save yourself, today.

Fuck likes, screw retweets.

Fuck likes, screw retweets.

How to save yourself from, ridiculous situations.

How to save yourself from, ridiculous situations.