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What to know about "what to know".

What to know about "what to know".

Everyone makes mistakes. Mistakes are what drive us to do better, try harder, and more importantly try new things.

The educational value in mistake making is priceless, however this process of "trial and error" learning often takes a long time. The formula of mistake-making relies heavily on an person's ability to branch out, take risks, and experiment. This means that a person's mistake to knowledge conversion rate is different for everyone. The result is, people who open themselves up to making mistakes more often, also learn and gain new knowledge faster than those who hardly ever journey outside of their comfort zones.

Luckily for you, we are serial mistake makers.

*pause for effect*

In the last few years we have experimented, played, tested and made more mistakes than most people make in a lifetime.

Back to how this is "beneficial for you".

We have the knowledge that has come from these mistakes, and we are here to share that knowledge with you step by step.

We are here to help and encouraging you to;






Make mistakes

Follow your dreams

& most of all to

Stop giving a FUCK!

How to tell if a restaurant is Shit! (Before you eat there)

How to tell if a restaurant is Shit! (Before you eat there)