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Why is it so weird seeing teachers on Facebook?

Why is it so weird seeing teachers on Facebook?

You expect to see everybody on Facebook. But not these lot.

What is it that's so weird about seeing the people who miseducated you on Facebook?  Well, it's your worst nightmare. They're actual people. 

They actually have lives outside of the classroom, or care about things other than having your tie done up properly, or it being your last verbal warning, or why you're chewing gum, or selling sweets and Lucozade in class, or wearing those black Court Traditions, or why there may be rotting cheese in their drawer. It means they breathe the same air and probably eat food and don't just feast off the misfortune of their pupils.


Many teachers had families, but it was impossible to look past a teacher being anything more than a teacher. They will have been somebody's mum or dad, but once they started shouting and spewing that instant coffee breath it became impossible to think that those people could be parents.

They were more like prison officers making sure their inmates stayed in line at all costs. Who's only aims in life were to stop all fun happening. Similar to prison wardens, would only ever move at pace when a fight was kicking off.

But, the above was all before sixth form. That is when things got weird. In sixth form, teachers started acting like everyday was a school trip. That half-fun, half-happy character they would put on when you visited places to make your school seem respectable and far from the mess we all knew it was had become a fixture. They started telling jokes. And laughing more. They began to loosen up. Showing the person that may have been there before the life sentence that comes with a PGCE.

In the years after sixth form, through uni, you would notice some of your teachers pop up on the 'people you may know' section of Facebook. But you're too busy downing £1 vodka redbulls to care. It's only now, a few years later that you notice it more. The right hand side of the news feed is like lunchtime in the staff room. The whole cast is involved.

It's just weird seeing their first names. You'd think Miss whatever was actually named Miss by her parents. That is how difficult it is to split the teacher from the person. It also, sadly, kind of solves that age-old mystery of what teachers get up to outside of the classroom. The mystery that provided an infinite amount of laughs trying to solve.

But behind the nostalgia, seeing your teachers on Facebook simply means you weren't as important as you thought you were. These people were living lives that you actually formed a very small part of. And oddly, continue to live those lives. At school, in the classroom, you think you are the centre of the universe. That these people go home and think all night enraged at what petty protest you put on earlier.

Nope. They leave the classroom and leave all that happened behind, too.

Asking a teacher 'what they got up to' last night during morning registration was usually taken as being cheeky and resulted in some dumb punishment. But now, some of those extracurricular activities pop up at random.

And man, I wish I never asked.

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