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The Kardashian Sisters. What's the point?

The Kardashian Sisters. What's the point?

So the Kardashian-Jenner sisters get a lot of shit for supposedly having no skills.

None of them sing, dance, or  have any talents at all for that matter! Everyone knows them, but no-one is ever exactly sure what they do. But wait, they’ve built a business empire — with revenue coming not just from their tv show, but also fashion and makeup lines, mobile apps, games, and endorsements. Kim Kardashian's net worth is $85 million, she made $52.5 million last year alone! This family has stretched fifteen minutes of fame into nearly a decade, and have figured out how to monetize their every move.

How you ask?

They understand something about marketing that most companies don’t. Advertising surrounds us, and we have become experts at tuning it out. Furthermore we are very good at recognising the source and the persuasive intent. In fact we have become so used to advertising, we immediately ignore it the second we identify it as advertising. That’s why the majority of advertising is really not successful. As for the Kardashians, any business trying to make money online should take a lesson from them.

Krish Kardashian money hungry

Most celebrity Twitter feeds are overly promotional. They're full of corporate-looking ads and tweets clearly written by PR handlers. Compare that to Kim Kardashian’s feed. Most of the time little Kimmy whines about first world problems, and what TV shows to watch.

This dynamic comes very close to being a  perceived friendship, despite the fact it is completely one-sided. This is otherwise known as Parasocial Interaction, A term coined in the mid-1950s used to describe the feeling of friendship and closeness people felt with TV personalities they had never met.

It's almost like when you're at a concert and somebody is singing and that person is looking into the audience and you feel like they're looking at you, and they're singing to you and only you. A reality show like Keeping Up with the Kardashians is fertile ground for the beginning of a parasocial relationship, and Kim and her sisters nurture it by speaking to their fans on social media like they’re friends.

And it probably doesn’t hurt that this includes a fair amount of nudity.

When Kim and her sisters hawk products, it doesn’t feel like an advertisement. It feels like a recommendation from a friend. A richer, better-looking friend who’s getting paid thousands to tweet about swimsuits and teeth whitening.

The Kardashians use every digital tool imaginable to make millions of people feel like they know them, and make millions of dollars for themselves in the process. You don’t have to approve of them or even like them to acknowledge their talent.

Personally I don't give a rat's ass about any of them, they all irritate me. But the reality is, their model is the new age of marketing working at its very best. So I strongly suggest that anyone trying to create a career for themselves online (including myself), marketers or fuck any one trying to sell anything, should pay attention. Or if not, just enjoy the nude selfies...

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