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How to save yourself from, ridiculous situations.

How to save yourself from, ridiculous situations.

We've all found ourselves in stupid situations and thought ''how the hell did I get here?''

Some more severe than others, of course. But we've all been there. I've got a proper sweet tooth and one Sunday night I was seriously craving some M&Ms. So I went to the shop. I got back home and put my hand in my pocket to get my keys. Couldn't find them. Started patting my body down like some paranoid bouncer. Still nothing. The keys were indoors. 

I had to call my sister to send the spare set of keys from her house in an Uber. I had to pay her for it, too. So one dusty bag of M&Ms cost me £40. I was so angry I wanted to slide tackle Agnes from down the road who said hello to me while I sat outside my house waiting for those dumb keys to arrive.

I got back in the house. I ate the M&Ms but didn't even enjoy them. Especially knowing each one cost me about £2.20. I started feeling sorry for myself and didn't get why these antics always managed to come and interrupt my life.

Mario knows.

supper mario

I started thinking. A situation doesn't just appear randomly like a Vaporeon. A situation is actually a big collection of decisions. And who controls the decisions you make? You! You can save yourself from the madness. Things require logic - even simple acts like going to the shop for M&Ms. I guess it's easy to forget as we've done these things so many times. But you're going to the shop. You grab your keys, grab your wallet and you're off. Simple. It's a foolproof strategy for a successful trip over to Akdeniz.

Preparation, even with an example so minor, is vital. Can't take anything for granted out here. This doesn't mean scrutinise your every action with microscopic accuracy. That would stop us from living! But it does mean be aware of the decisions you're making. If you're aware of the decision, and what it could mean down the line, you can make better ones. As you're looking at it more objectively. And how that decision, small as it may be, will impact the final outcome. Which is whatever mess of a situation you find yourself in. But don't start crying when you're in the danger zone. You played yourself! It's your own fault you're down there and nobody else's.

The Situation himself knows.

And there it is. If you prepare for things properly you minimise any chance of the unexpected happening. Though sometimes no matter how much you prepare some weird shit is still bound to go down. But that's life, man. One minute you're in the house, next minute you're locked out having some awkward small talk with your neighbour who's allergic to Right Guard. Although M&Ms haven't tasted the same since, I never forgot those keys on the way to the shop again.

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