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Progression: Don't fight it! (Embrace it).

Progression: Don't fight it! (Embrace it).

If you are not moving forward, then you are moving backwards. (It's that simple).

In a world where people, technology, and ideas are evolving daily (middle east excluded). It's NOT possible to stand still, or just be comfortable. (Not even for a second)

Standing still results in you going backwards. Think about it, there will always be someone doing more then you are, and something new happening.

The world doesn't stop when you stop.

So by default, stopping results in you going backwards.

This applies to everything from your ability to operate the latest microwave oven, live an healthy life, be successful at your career, and help further the human race.

There is nothing to be gained from trying to cling onto the past. The only way forward is forward. Whether you are the sort of person who is mad at Apple for ditching a 70 year headphone jack, or the sort of person who supports taking civilisation back to the dark ages. You are hampering our species very existence, and are delaying our natural evolution.

It's simple.

Humanity is a train, you can either be; up in the front manning the engines to help keep it moving, in the middle as a passenger taking a ride, or you can be hanging off the back trying to run the opposite direction and fuck the whole train up for the rest of us.

What to do?

You have two options:

  1. Evolve, embrace change and never stop trying to better the world.
  2. Roll over and die!

The human race will be fine without you. So please stop hampering creativity, evolution, new ideas, and get with it.

Why so serious?

Why so serious?

City life, Maybe it's time to move?

City life, Maybe it's time to move?