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You need to know about "Brain Ovulation".

You need to know about "Brain Ovulation".

Ovulation is typically associated with a woman's menstrual cycle and is when eggs are released to be fertilised. This is a bit different. 

Believe it or not, our brains release eggs all the time. For some people, these eggs are produced constantly throughout a day. For others they may come once or twice a month. Maybe even once a year. But everybody produces these eggs.

These eggs are ideas and solutions, and brain ovulation is the process of how they are generated. 

These eggs could be simple as making a change to your morning routine that gives you an extra five minutes to prepare for work. Or it could be as complex as finding a cure for cancer. Your brain usually ovulates exactly when it needs to. Once a series of thoughts and subconscious actions clash, a new realization is made. It causes a shift in your thinking, a little moment of genius, when things make sense.



But imagine if you could control when your brain ovulated? 

Would be cool right? It's impossible unless you're Superman or Wonder Woman, unfortunately.

But the closest thing to that would be knowing when in the day you're most productive. Identifying when your brain is most likely to consciously ovulate will make you an absolute machine. Conscious ovulation is different to subconscious where you are actually in control of the answer you are trying to find. Subconscious ovulation is like having a chat over lunch with your mate at work (...playing Pokémon Go) about worldly events (...The locations of rare Pokémon) and forgetting what the professor in Pallet Town is called. Then on your way home it pops into your head. (Oak! That's it.) Subconscious ovulation is cool, but conscious ovulation is where the serious stuff goes down.

Conscious ovulation is focusing on an issue and finding the solution. But these breakthrough ideas can't be found if your brain isn't up for it. You need to know when your brain is most horny. We all have different ways of working. You may be most productive at the most unorthodox of hours. But do not try and change this to fit around anything else, or because it's ''unconventional''. Rather, fit everything around those hours! Think about it like this, for a couple of hours in a day your brain is functioning like you're on those insane pills from Limitless. That's the power we're talking about here.



 You may have an idea for a business. Or an idea that will revolutionize the 60-year-old processes of that old school company you work for. Whatever it is you want to get done, you have to know when your brain will be in the best shape to think about it. And once you know when your brain is most likely to ovulate, you'll be closer to seeing those life-changing eggs hatch.

    Go and make it happen. 

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