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How to keep the party going? A story of survival.

How to keep the party going? A story of survival.

So you are at a party having a good time, then the clock strikes 12 and all of your friends slowly start to drop off like flies...

Dropping excuses like, "I'm tired",  "I have to be up early", Oh and lets not forget the best one, "I'm over it. I just want to get Mackey-D' and go home". The only problem is that, you are not tired. You are full of energy, full of booze, and packed with good vibes. You are not prepared to call it quits just yet.

What do you do?

Do you go home reluctantly, and force yourself to go to sleep, in a bad mood, because your knight has been cut short. Or do you go along with your fatty friends to force yourself to eat a double cheese burger, 6 nuggets, and a strawberry shake?

If only there was another option.

Luckily for you there is! This option when done correctly will let you have your cake and eat it.

Sadly this option does come with a warning that, NOT everyone will be able to actually do this. It requires a ton of confidence, and a highly extroverted and charismatic personality.

On second thoughts, if you do not possess the above qualities I am almost certain that you would be the type of person who is, "that lame friend" that wants to flake off at 11pm to go home, eat McDonalds, possibly molest yourself, and then go to sleep.

Back to business, you're at a party, you're having a great time, you are full of energy, and then boom, all your friends want to leave. What do you do???

You look them in the eyes and say, "ok, goodbye!"

Now you're thinking, "shit, I'm stuck at a party all alone". Actually you are far from being alone, unless you happen to be at a fucking shit party, in that case call a Uber and head of to the nearest packed, club or bar.

Just because you are in a place where you know absolutely no one, does not mean you are alone. You are actually in better company then you where before. Reason being is, the people around you are at the same level as you. They also don't want to be at home sleeping.

My story on this topic comes from the last time that I went to the Secret Garden Party, (a three day festival in the UK). Single at the time I went there with my friend, his girlfriend, and some random friend of theirs. The couple basically does not drink, so they were in their tent all weekend. The other guy was just obsessed with taking acid, so he was also nowhere to be seen. I later found out that he spent his weekend in a sunflower field, as you do.

So here I am, at one of the worlds craziest music festivals, all by myself.

How did I survive? I went around, and every time I saw a group of people who made me think, "they look cool, I could totally be friends with them", I went up to them. What I would say is , "Hi, you look like fun, I lost my friends, can I be your new friend?"

I know this sounds horribly sad, and looser-ish, however, and to my own surprise, every one I said this to embraced me with open arms. The result was I had an amazing week-end. I had a much better time then I had ever had being with my actual friends.


The reason is, I was hand picking exactly who I wanted to be with, where I wanted to see them, and when I wanted to see them. By the end of the weekend I had about five completely different groups of new friends. It was absolutely perfect, I had friends but with out the usual complications that come with them, such as compromising, getting every one to agree on what to do, when to do it, and of course non of politics that often come with certain people.

For what ever mood I was in, or what ever activity I wanted to do, I had a specific group of friends best suited for that. I had my yoga, and meditation group, a foodie group, a exploring group, a chilling out group, and sure as hell I had a raver group who I could count on to always be on the best dance floor any time of day. It was really a win win situation, and I actually made some really good new friends that I still keep in contact with.

The point of this post and the point of this story, is that you need to find your people. You shouldn't have to not do something, or be forced to do something you don't really like just because that is what the people around you want to do. You need to surround your self with people who encourage you, people who like to do the things you do people who are on your level. The thing is, the only way you can find a person who is "your people" in ever possibly way, is if you clone yourself. Just like money you should not have all your friends in one baskets. You need a range of friends that appeal to different aspects of your life.

You need to go out and find your people, you need at least one friend for each of your interests, because trust me, it is unlikely that your friend who loves raving all night at warehouse parties, would also be into going to knitting classes with you. You need another friend for that one.

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