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We need more unlikely unions. Like these...

We need more unlikely unions. Like these...

Unexpected but appreciated.


1. Power Rangers X Ninja Turtles

Yep, an unlikely collaboration of galactic proportions for any fellow 90's baby. In the sixth entry of the Power Rangers series, Power Rangers in Space, The two pop cultural icons link up to defeat an evil overlord. The Turtles are brainwashed by Astronema into locating and destroying The Rangers. And the scheme is going to plan until there's an electric storm, causing The Turtles to break free of the spell. As both teams having a penchant for justice and a distaste for evil, they create the ultimate imagined super-team of a 6 year old me, and use their powers to send Astronema packing. Just look at how happy they are. Defeating baddies is really great, guys.

power rangers, ninja turtles

2. Nintendo X Sony Playstation  

It's a move which would have changed gaming forever. Before deciding to create their own consoles, Sony and Nintendo made a collaborative machine. It's the type of ridiculous thing Jay from The Inbetweeners would tell you. Only it's true this time. Unlike that Ralph Lauren modelling contract. Or those filthy Dutch birds.

The Nintendo Playstation had both a cartridge slot and CD drive. And money was the reason it never happened. Sony wanted to keep all the royalties from CD licenses, then figure out a cut with Nintendo. Which Nintendo were understandably pissed off about. The conclusion was probably for the best. We got two legendary consoles instead of one. But, imagine Spyro battling Yoshi for the role of Mario's steed? Would've been pretty damn sick.

nintendo, playstation

3. Kanye West X Paul McCartney

Kanye West. The self-proclaimed ''closest thing to Einstein''. Even he must've been humbled in the presence of legend Sir Paul McCartney. Kanye and Sir Paul linked up to create 'Only One'. A message to his baby daughter, North or 'Nori' as she's cited on the song. Kanye felt the song was his late mother, Donda, using him as a way to speak to her granddaughter. Soft, dreamlike vocals, atop some gentle piano work from Macca combine to make a touching, heartfelt message of inter-generational love. A surprising collaboration on paper, but it all makes sense once heard.

kanye west, paul mccartney

4. Gary Neville X Valencia

Gary Neville, Manchester United legend. Who since retiring has become renowned for razor-sharp punditry. A man who has saved many from being bored on a Monday night. He shocked the world of football by announcing he would be taking over at Valencia CF in December 2015. Valencia fans are some of the most demanding in football, a club with a rich history and one of the last teams to win La Liga outside of Barcelona and both Madrid clubs. It was a move that confused and bemused, but definitely entertained (unless you're a Valencia fan). In 28 games he won 11, drew 7 and lost 11. His tenure lasted only four months until he got sacked. Nobody expected him to set the world on fire, and he didn't, but fair play to Gary for getting out of his comfort zone and giving it a go.

garry neville

5. Jam & Cheese Sandwiches

This was a revelation born of the ''I'm rich now but while buying tequilla shots for unknown people in the club forgot that the money for halls hasn't come out yet'' post-student loan drop struggle. Some of the greatest things in mankind's history were created in adverse conditions. This sandwich joins them. Go make one.

cheese and jam
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