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FUCK Routine! Just go with the Flow.

FUCK Routine! Just go with the Flow.

Isn't it sad knowing exactly what you are going to be doing tomorrow?

Yet most of us live like this five days a week. We get up every morning at the same time, sit in the same traffic, arrive at the same building, sit at the same desk, and more or less repeat the same mundane tasks we have done every other day.

We are experts at reducing our existences into a series of predictable, and expected outcomes.

Sure, un-predictable outcomes do not appeal to everyone, or every situation. When traveling on an aeroplane you most certainly want a predictable outcome, which is that you land at your destination safely.

Yet do you really want a predictable outcome to life? Do you want your life to play out identically to that of your parents?

If so, then stop reading now, as you are clearly beyond saving.

We all like to feel like we are in control, there is a calming satisfaction that comes from thinking that we know what is around the corner. Yet on the opposite side there is an even stronger satisfaction that comes from the unknown.

Think back to when you where a child, the pure excitement and joy you would feel come Christmas morning, unwrapping your gifts, with no idea of what is inside. That feeling does not have to go forgotten just because you have "grown up".

Treat life like a mystery present.

I say start by taking it one step at a time and building up. Because yes letting go of control can be a very scary ordeal, but trust me the rewards are worth the risk. By opening your mind up, and letting go of control a bit, you open your self up to all new possibilities. Possibilities that you might have never even considered before. Start with something small, like not deciding where to eat tonight, just going out, and seeing where you end up. Then work your way up to bigger steps, such as planning your next holiday by throwing a dart at a world map.

Sure some of them might be bad, if so there is no harm done, as you have experienced something new. Others might be completely life changing, such as meeting your future partner, completely changing careers, or even ending up traveling the world.

There is nothing to be lost by being open to anything, there is however a lifetimes worth of experiences to be gained.

Don't be that sad little woman or man who spends their whole life living in the same town. Only to finally be laid to rest less than five miles from where they were born.

What a waist. Rather just say fuck it to routine, and go with the flow.

City life, Maybe it's time to move?

City life, Maybe it's time to move?

"Bad Decisions" Are only made at 6AM.

"Bad Decisions" Are only made at 6AM.