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Fuck likes, screw retweets.

Fuck likes, screw retweets.

A lot of modern day life is driven by gaining a reaction.

Likes, shares, retweets. Are all reactions to actions. Upload a photo? Get likes. Post something on Facebook? It gets shared. Tweet something? Get retweeted. Essentially, there is no action nowadays without an expected reaction. (or at least a perceived one).

So is it possible to just do things because you like them? Or have we all just turned into attention seeking beasts?

When was the last time you did something you liked? I mean, something you really liked. Not something you knew peoplewould like. I'm talking about the things that can't be quantified by a like or a share or a retweet or a view of your Snapchat story.

The stuff you don't need to take photos of. The things that actually make you feel good. Or are those things now a waste of time, because they cannot be measured in any relative terms? By any relative scale?

We have all become skeptics in our own right, and by our own doing. We are skeptical of those who do not engage in the zeitgeist. Skeptical of what great things they may be doing BECAUSE WE CAN'T SEE THEM. Skeptical of ourselves, if we don't share where we are or what we're doing with people ITDIDN'T HAPPEN. As if the time you spent doing that thing has just gotten lost somewhere in a parallel universe. This is very stupid.

Uploading things to Instagram doesn't make you more alive, and not uploading things to Instagram doesn't mean you're dead.

I'd be a hypocrite here if I said I hadn't done any of the above. As it stands I have 40 photos uploaded on Instagram. And I'm going to share this article with people on Facebook and Twitter. And of course, I'll keep an eye on how many people liked it or retweeted it. But I'm not going to let that dictate my future moves. And neither should you. If not one person likes this article or retweets it, you think that's going to stop me writing another one? *wrong answer buzzer sound* WELL UNLUCKY, CAUSE THERE'LL BE ANOTHER ONE. AND ANOTHER ONE. AND OH, WHAT'S THAT? YEP, ANOTHER ONE.


These things are all forms of external validation. Some person who has absolutely no consequence on your life likes what image of yourself you're portraying on social media. Don't take that shit too seriously, please. Don't allow likes to make you think you've done something for the human race. Don't let it gas you up. Because I tell you what, you're still out here in these cold streets trying to find a way through the madness like the rest of us.

No doubt, some people have turned likes, and retweets into real, cold hard cash money making careers. And fair play to those people. Likes and retweets are their livelihood, their rent money, so yep, fair play. But their success isn't down to luck or fate. They believed in themselves, they got up, put themselves out there, worked hard, and are enjoying the fruits of their labour. A formula for success in anything.

And I don't hate social media. It provides me with laughs every day. I learn new things through it. What I hate is the falsity that underpins it all.

Confidence developed through social media is not confidence. It is an outfit. What happens when Iron Man loses the suit? He becomes Tony Stark. A normal man. A rich and extremely clever one, but a man all the same. Who is fallible. Human.

Anyway, as long as you are doing what you like, what you love, what makes sense to you and what feeds your vision is all that matters.

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