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Careful Jason. James is holding a. Martini?

Careful Jason. James is holding a. Martini?

Since the real Jason Bourne has returned to screens, I decided it was important for people to know who's boss. 

Did Tony Soprano die? Will EastEnders ever end? Who's harder Jason Bourne or James Bond?

These are timeless questions. 

Jason Bourne and James Bond have more in common than the same initials. Both characters act as responses to their authors experiences of war. Sir Ian Fleming created Bond as a collection of all the ''secret agent commando types'' he met during his time in the Naval Intelligence Division in WWII. And Robert Ludlum, a US Marine before becoming a writer, conflated his experiences in the forces with the tension of The Cold War (and conspiracy theories) to create Bourne.

But Jason Bourne will always be sicker than James Bond.

 1. Bourne is a superior combatant.

At countless points throughout the initial trilogy, viewers have been blown away by Jason Bourne's DIY fighting style. A rough mismatch of mixed martial arts and straight up brutalism. No doubt Bond can swing, but not like Bourne. His style is more appealing to the viewer not only because of its skittishness which complements director Paul Greengrass' ''I'm loosely holding a camera whilst standing on the Piccadilly Line'' approach to filmmaking. But the lack of refinement gives us hope for that day we get chased by government officials, we'll be able to release our inner Bourne.

2. Bourne is more resourceful.

The toaster scene. That deodorant can in the street in Marrakech. The pen. The towel. Bourne's incredible ability to improvise and turn anything into a weapon puts him at an instant advantage over the famously high-tech Bond. He's a walking, sometimes talking, swiss army knife. There are no frills with Bourne, he will get the job done with or without a wrist mounted dart-gun.

3. Bourne is a better driver.

Anybody could do bits driving around in an Aston Martin DB9 with flamethrowers and oil-slicking capabilities. But Bourne would still smoke Bond in a real life round of Mario Kart. Bourne's driving skills are universal. Be it a cop car, a banged up Mini, or a swish German whip. That handling never changes.

4. Bourne was brave enough to love.

People often forget that below the breakneck thrills of the Bourne series, the wider narrative  is actually fused with a tragic love story. Marie Kreutz, the first human Jason encounters who isn't trying to kill him, ends up becoming his love interest. And the man haunted by fractured memories begins to create new ones with this woman. Until she is killed by Treadstone agents in Goa.  Now, Bond is known for his smooth womanising ways. But he has only flirted with the idea of love. And we all know the real tough guys fall in love. But lack of trust is standard issue for all secret agents not trying to get killed any quicker. It seems Bond has cottoned on though, if the latest instalment SPECTRE, is anything to go by. Sorry girls.


james bond vs jason Bourne
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