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"Bad Decisions" Are only made at 6AM.

"Bad Decisions" Are only made at 6AM.

You know that feelingwhen you say:

One day I’m going to do, (insert your bullshit fantasy here, which you aren’t going to do)

Yeah that feeling!

I had a lot of those and as mentioned, we all know the ending to those thoughts.

Actually another favorite scenario I always encounter is when you are at a house party or somewhere where you meet new people, and you always bump into a person who tells you there plans to write a book or something… blah blah blah.

Regrettably, I was that person. I remember last year heading down into London to a leaving party hosted by a friend. I met a lot of interesting and fascinating people that night, who were all much older than me. The night progressed and everyone’s getting pretty fucking wasted at this point. We head to a club and do the post McDonald’s club run in the early morning.

Two things can happen at that moment:

  1. You go back home and your night has come to an end for whatever reason
  2. You go back to your friends place and get more wasted

If you are not doing the latter option frequently, you are missing out on a lot of epic fucking shit. Trust me.

bag on head drunk guys

Of course, most normal people decide it’s pretty late, and head home. But for the few that decide to disregard tomorrow’s feelings and live in that moment of poorly made decisions, awesome things can happen.

Its 4am at this point I think, and I remember being wasted and just talking about how I wanted to write a book with my friend. For weeks, I had been trying to think of a plot of just something that made sense and that I would like to write about.

I pass out on the couch and a couple hours later I’m on the train journey home, and 8 months later I published my book. All thanks to going out, being drunk, and talking shit in the early hours of the morning with someone.

If you are struggling to figure things out, the answer is get wasted with friends and talk about shit you wanna do at 4am, then go fucking do it.

But you are going to read this anyway and probably not do anything…

FUCK Routine! Just go with the Flow.

FUCK Routine! Just go with the Flow.

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