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4 Healthy things you should do (every morning).

4 Healthy things you should do (every morning).

I am possibly the worst morning person I know, I hate getting up early and I am a complete zombie when I do.

Every thing I have read about, healthy things to do in the morning, has included dictating that I must get up before the roosters and hit the gym for an hours. I get up relatively late (about 9am) because I always go to bed very late, as I'm a night person. I focus better at night and get most of my work done then. All this being said, I am still a healthy person who keeps in shape. How you ask, I have 4 simple things that I do every morning, and when I say morning I mean what ever time I wake up. The secret here is, there is no right or wrong time, as long as you do these things with-in an hour of waking up and on an empty stomach you will be all set. No matter if you do it at 5am or at 12pm the outcome is the same. The aim is to work these activities  into your current lifestyle.

1. Drink water.

The absolute first thing I do every morning as I wake up, is drink a whole bottle of water. I always go to bed with a full bottle on my bed side table so it's waiting for me as I wake up. Water as you wake up is a great way to clean your throat, hydrate your mouth and wake up properly. Constant water drinking throughout the day is also an essential step in passive weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

2. Stretch.

We all wake up a bit stiff and cranky. My second morning ritual is to spend about five to ten minutes giving my body a full stretch out. I do about 10 minutes of yoga, but any type of stretching will be beneficial, as long as you get a nice all round basic stretch. This will leave you feeling looser more flexible and be sure to help you feel great for the day. Stretching also has significant health benefits that can aid in the prevention and remedy to many common problems.


3. Exercise.

Calm down this is not what you think. When we hear the word "exercise" we get worried, and, sure as hell, when we hear "exercise" in the same sentence as "morning" we freak out. I am honestly the last person on the planet who will tell you to hit the gym at 5 am (trust me). However there is a simple fact that we can't ignore, the ideal time of day to exercise is in the morning before you have eaten! This is because our stomachs are empty,  so any calories we burn come from our fat reserves. Basically if you want to lose a bit of weight or simply just stay lean, a simple morning workout is the best life hack to get the job done. Morning workouts also help to speed up your metabolism for the day.

Now about what exercises you should do, and for how long.

The goal here is very simple you need to exert  yourself, that means breaking a sweat and getting your heart rate up for at least 20 minutes. The good news is that, there are plenty of ways too exercise, most of which involve absolutely no equipment, and some don't even need you to leave your bed.

What you can do:

The absolute best is a HIIT work out, for that watch  The Lean Machines's 10 min home HIIT workout (these guys know their stuff). Other great options are to; go for a run or jog, run on the spot, skip, star jump, you can even just have sex, yes you guessed it, when done right this is a great workout for both of you ;) ;)


4. Eat breakfast.

So you've hydrated, stretched, and gotten your heart rate up. Now its time to fuel your body for the day ahead. That means a well-rounded nutrient packed breakfast. Depending on how much time you have there are few options. If you are rushing to get to the office, simply toss some fresh fruit into a jar with some raw oats, yogurt, nuts, seeds and you ready to go. If you have a bit more time to kill then you should cook some eggs. A good rule is to try to balance it out, and have an equal balance of  vegetables   to eggs. The only limit with what you can make with eggs is your creativity.

So there you have it. Try adding these four simple healthy things to your morning ritual and you will be all set on your path to becoming a healthier person and living a better day.

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