Why NOT giving a fuck is the secret to life.

Let go, stop believing you are not that guy. You are who ever you want to be. Despite what people have told you your whole life, you can do anything you want. Success does not come to those who are smarter or luckier, it comes to those with the most ambition and biggest balls. Those who know what they want, and are determined to get it. But most importantly give zero fucks about what anyone else thinks.

How NOT... To ask for a girls number.

So one night, my phone ran out of battery and I lost my friends. Instead of going home, the vibes in the club were strong so I decided to ride the wave solo. In my drunken disarray, I managed to get friendly with a nice group of Irish women. Few tequila shots later, myself and the luckiest of the three had our faces shabbily glued together like a 6 year olds latest piece of artwork.

Why you should quit your job & become a hippie.

Society is the way it is because someone at some point made it that way. They decided what an "acceptable" career is, where and how you should work, what times you should work, what days you should work, who you should marry, how many kids you should have, where you should live, and where you should shit. The sad fact of the matter is that, these constructs were created by people. People who were no wiser, or no more educated, then you are now!

4 Healthy things you should do (every morning).

Every thing I have read about, healthy things to do in the morning, has included dictating that I must get up before the roosters and hit the gym for an hours. I get up relatively late (about 9am) because I always go to bed very late, as I'm a night person. I focus better at night and get most of my work done then. All this being said, I am still a healthy person who keeps in shape. How you ask, I have 4 simple things that I do every morning, and when I say morning I mean what ever time I wake up. The secret here is, there is no right or wrong time, as long as you do these things with-in an hour of waking up and on an empty stomach you will be all set. No matter if you do it at 5am or at 12pm the outcome is the same. The aim is to work these activities into your current lifestyle.

Successful Shopping, 4 simple tips.

We all need to go shopping occasionally. However most of the time we don't end up buying the things we need, we end up getting things we don't need. It's time that you learn the difference between "shopping" and "successful shopping".

These days the biggest problem with shopping is that we have an overwhelming amount of choices, and not exactly knowing what you really need, or why we need it.

What to know about "what to know".

The educational value in mistake making is priceless, however this process of "trial and error" learning often takes a long time. The formula of mistake-making relies heavily on an person's ability to branch out, take risks, and experiment. This means that a person's mistake to knowledge conversion rate is different for everyone. The result is, people who open themselves up to making mistakes more often, also learn and gain new knowledge faster than those who hardly ever journey outside of their comfort zones.